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Dental implants are available at our sister practice Chapel Dental.


Implants are a permanent replacement for missing tooth roots.  As they become more and more affordable, increased numbers of patients are looking to choose this option over dentures. The implant system can be used for one or multiple teeth and in conjunction with other dental

treatments.  An implant can be used to stabilise a denture; crowns and bridges can be attached with screws or clips.


A small titanium post acts as the tooth root, with the bone fusing around it over time.  This provides a strong base on which to then place the new tooth.  Implants not only look and feel more natural than alternative teeth replacement systems, they can also slow the process of the jaw bone shrinking which may take place once natural teeth are lost.


Implants do require excellent oral hygiene and we can help you maintain such with regular visits to one of our hygienists.  If your implants have been placed elsewhere and you would like our hygienists to help you look after them, ask your dentist to refer you.  You can achieve a restoration lasting up to twenty years with good oral hygiene.


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Ask your own dentist to refer you or contact them to join as a new patient.  If you are already

a patient with Threemilestone, ask for a free review appointment to be arranged with Dr Michael Liedtke at Chapel Dental.





Dental implants

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